Terms and Conditions for Riverdale

1. Payment of the deposit constitutes the guests’ acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. All cancellations incur loss of deposit. If the cancellation is made within 10 days of arrival, there will be a loss of 100% of the total booking fee.

3. The guest accepts that they are renting three bedrooms as well as its kitchen and living areas in the main house

a.     Guests can enjoy the surrounding gardens and paddock but have no legal rights over it

b.     This is a working farm and therefore the guest accepts that there might be other people at some point on the property to maintain the gardens and feed the chickens

4. The guest understands that the property is completely off the grid

a.     Electricity is solar powered and therefore the guest will not use electrical appliances that have a heating element, such as hairdryers, as they could blow out the power immediately

b.  The guest understands that the property has a septic tank system and will take reasonable care in ensuring it is not damaged, including not putting anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

c.  The guest understands that we rely solely on tank water and therefore will use water sparingly

d.  The guest understands that the flooring is sustainable bamboo, and will take reasonable care in ensuring it is not damaged

5. Sorry, pets are not allowed.

6. Vehicles are not to be taken beyond the house driveway and parking area.

7. Guests are to leave the accommodation in a similar state to its condition on arrival. We do not expect you to make any beds but we do expect you to clean up any mess you have created. Please clean all dishes, leaving the kitchen counter as it was when you arrived. If you do not do the above, an extra cleaning fee will apply and be deducted from your bond

8. Guests must pay for any additional costs incurred during their stay including, but not limited to, any breakage, damage or excess cleaning requirements.

9. Theft and loss of the guests’ personal property is the guests’ responsibility during their stay.

10. The number of guests is not to exceed six people unless agreed to by the owner in writing.  Fees will apply for any extra guests not agreed to by the owners in advance

11. Parties and functions are strictly prohibited unless agreed to in advance by the owner in writing. Fees will apply if a party or function that has not been agreed to by the owners in advance is held

12. Smoking is prohibited inside the accommodation at any stage. Please make sure doors are closed if smoking outside.

13. The house is fully furnished, and the guest confirms that all items in the house at the beginning of rental will be there at the end of the rental period

14. The check-in time is 4pm and the check-out time is 12pm on weekends and 11am on weekdays unless agreed to otherwise by the owner in writing

15. Outside fires of any type are strictly prohibited

16. In summer, if a Code Red (a fire warning signifying extreme high risk) is declared for the area surrounding Riverdale, Riverdale will close on those days

a.     The guest agrees to leave the property if a Code Red is declared

b.     The guest will be fully refunded payment for the days that Riverdale closes as a result of the Code Red

17. Variations to these terms and conditions may only be made by prior arrangements with the owner in writing


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.