The Inner Garden

The two acre garden surrounding the House is abundant with colours, shapes and sizes of flowers, bushes and established trees, buzzing with bees and chirping birds. It is the perfect place to relax on a lounge chair and read or have an outdoor meal on the wooden tables. 



The Kitchen Garden

Passionate about growing and sharing delicious biodynamic fruit and vegetables, we established a large 900 square meter kitchen garden in 2011. Native Australian bushes form a border around the garden and paths weave between raised garden beds and a large thriving herb patch. Producing an abundance of vegetables, fruit and herbs, we were able to supply 20 households with weekly veggie boxes over the last summer.



Riverdale is a small farm run based on biodynamic principles. Biodynamic gardening and agriculture is an advanced organic practice that treats the earth as a living and intelligent organism. It is holistic and is based on the interrelationship of soil, plants, animals and cosmic forces, in particular the moon. Compost, preparations, and manure are used to ensure the healthy microbial life of the soil. This results in vegetables and fruit which are full of life, giving us maximum flavour and nutrition.


The Bushfood Garden

In 2016 we established a bushfood garden - a garden of native Australian foods. We think it is important to eat and understand better the foods that naturally grow in Australia. Despite the fact that First Nations people have been eating these foods for thousands of years and that there are over 6,000 edible native plants in Australia, majority people do not eat them nor do the supermarkets supply us with any. We are growing around 35 different plants and hope to share with more people about these amazing foods!


Surrounding Fields and River

Riverdale has beautiful grass fields surrounding the buildings and inner garden, with a creek flowing past the House and down to the Yarra River. You can follow the bushfood walk around a field, passing the beehives and learning about the different types of bushfoods. There is also a walk past hundred year old trees and native forest that abuts the Yarra River where you can have a picnic or go for a swim.