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Presence in Motion: 3-Day Quest on Mind, Movement and Meaning

Are you looking for an opportunity to bring more presence and intention into your daily life?

Do you crave stillness, quietness, time to sit, think, reflect and craft an aligned life?

Are you feeling called to reconnect, realign, do the ‘inner work’ and to find or deepen your clarity and purpose?

Presence in Motion is a 3 -day Quest facilitated by Al Jeffery (Realise Flow) and Alicia Crawford Bell (Liminal Life) inviting you to journey with us as we explore what it means to lead a mindful and purpose-full life.


This unique retreat experience will invite you to consider a series of contemplative questions delving into our relationship with mind, movement and meaning. You’ll come out the other side with a greater felt-sense of how you can live with these three in congruence, leading to a more aligned and intentional life.


Al Jeffery | Alicia Crawford

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